The Global Platform for Higher Education in Emergencies (former Higher Education for Syrian Students - GP4SYS) renews its commitment to boosting higher education opportunities for young people from conflict-affected societies, refugees, students in forced displacement and at risk.

Inspired by the motto of 2021 World Refugee Day, we strongly reaffirm that  “Together we heal, learn and shine”.  

The Global Platform for Higher Education in Emergencies joins its Syrian students, holders of scholarships and alumni to highlight the power of education – in particular higher education – to transform young people lives and build hope for the future in particular in crisis situations,as the one we are living now with the war raging in Ukraine and thousands of young Ukrainians fleeding  their homeland and seeking a safe haven. 

We call upon all students, students’ unions and associations, scholars, researchers, professors around the world to support Ukrainian students and have them being hosted by higher education institutions  in safe  countries in order to provide them with the opportunity to resume their studies.  

We call upon the European Union to take action and  contribute to the YES FUND or make funding available to support emergency scholarship programmes around Europe and beyond.

We call upon any entity, companies, partners and individuals to donate to the YES FUND as our Syrian Students in Portugal did as a demonstration of their full solidarity for fellow colleagues from Ukraine. 


Support the YES FUND! Make a donation.

THE YES FUND(standing for Youth Education Solidarity FUND)IS ON

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·       Each student makes a gift of at least 1 euro/dollar/pound at the time of his/her annual enrollment

·       Members of the local academic community join this effort

·       Each Higher Education Institution develops  a matching gift programme

·       Each Higher Education Institution raises these YES gifts all together

As there are 235 million higher education students at global level, 235 million euros/dollars/pounds can be raised every year to fund scholarships for refugees, forcibly displaced students and students at risk.

Let’s do it now to support students from Ukraine. This is our immediate goal.

As a long term goal, the YES! Fund aims at contributing the 15by30 target proposed by UNHCR thus ensuring that 15% of young refugee women and men can access higher education by 2030. 

Students, scholars, researchers, higher education managers and the academic community: show solidarity, take care of your peers.


Everyone can do their part.






NIB:               017030490304000788936

IBAN:            PT50 0170 3049 0304 0007 8893 6


Two points that matter: 

-          For donors in Europe: we are part of the network of Transnational giving Europe -TGE

-          For US donors: our organization is equivalent to a U.S. public charity having completed an ED (equivalency determination) with NGOsource.


To know more about the YES! Fund, check out this presentation.

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For further information, do not hesitate to contact us. 




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