Universidade Lusíada

The Universidade Lusíada was founded on 28 June 1986 as the Cooperativa de Ensino Universidade Lusíada (Lusiada University Teaching Cooperative). Now, after more than 25 years, the Lusiada Universities are proud of their national and international presence, their achievements, and most of all of their contribution to the education of a large part of Portugal’s youth. More than 25,000 graduates, in fact, are now spread throughout a host of activities, and they have played a pivotal role in the cultural, economic, and social development of their country, attaining the noblest of goals, and are thereby the most eloquent testimony of all to the value of the schools.

The university’s constant achievements demand untiring effort from its teachers, up-to-date facilities, and the renewal of its teaching methods – always with dedication to the principles of quality and rigor. Today, in a world of social and economic turbulence, we need professionals who are cultured and highly trained, and only higher education can provide these qualities.