An equal partnership – The RRM offers a platform to enhance understanding and awareness amongst its partners through dialogue and cooperation on topics of mutual interest relating to higher education in emergencies and in conflict-affected societies on the basis of equal partnership, mutual respect and benefit.

Informal – The RRM provides an open forum for the academic community, policy makers, officials, foundations, NGOs and the private sector to discuss any issues of common interest in the framework of advancing higher education in emergencies and in conflict-affected societies, complementing the work already being carried out in bilateral andmultilateral fora.

High-level and people-focused – The RRM provides a platform for dialogue and cooperation not only at the level of senior officials and political decisionmakers, but also puts a strong focus on fostering people-to-people contacts among all, including academia, experts, civil society representatives, private sector and youth.

Multi-dimensional – The RRM covers the full spectrum of issues relating to higher education in emergencies and conflict-affected societies and devotes equal attention to rights-based, humanitarian and development approaches, to the various actors involved in the field, to simple and high-tech solutions to promote and facilitate access to quality higher education, innovative blended financing strategies, etc.

Open and evolutionary – The RRM goes with the times, both in terms of issues addressed, solutions suggested and with regard to membership.

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