Building upon the very successful experience of the Global Platform for Syrian Students (GP4SYS) in providing higher education opportunities for refugees and forced displaced students and taking into account its global wide network of partners and its close cooperation with international organizations (such as the United Nations family and the OECD), as well as its ongoing plans to set up a Rapid Response Mechanism for higher education in emergencies (“RRM”), aiming at reaching out highly motivated, talented young people coming from fragile settings, and providing them with opportunities to unleash their full potential, GP4SYS and BLUECROW joined efforts and decided to move forward in order to create real value for investors and for society.

This is all about the “IGNITE 4 STEP PROGRAM” by BLUECROW DYNAMIC FUND I (“FUND”), which operates under RRM, that seeks to strengthen and up scale its partners’ capacities to effectively support refugees and forced displaced entrepreneurs in unlocking their entrepreneurialtalents and ideas in tight cooperation with host communities, and starting their business in a sustainable and durable way.


For further information kindly check the brochure and contact: 

BLUECROW – Sociedade de Capital de Risco

Bibi Sattar This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +351 919 589 480

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